About Us

Welcome to the 21st century! Where self-driving cars are no longer science fiction, kids have smartphones, and to have a successful business you need to be on the internet.

About Power Up

Company specialized in digital marketing with more than a decade working in the area.

​Our goal is to create such a remarkable and intimate experience with your niche market that your audience will consume everything you offer!

​This is possible through high-performance and quality marketing services.

When it began

The term “Power UP” is, in video games, used to define some items found in the game scenario that serve to increase power, speed or other characteristic that provides advantages to the player.

Also, when you search for the term “Power Up” in English, you find the following definition: “Process where something that needs power to operate is turned on and ready for use.”

Power Up was created to provide more energy to your business, enhancing results.

Who is Frederico Pie?

In mid-2014, our still young Director was working for third parties, just like the “demand society”.
But being passionate about the world of marketing and also a gaming enthusiast, he was never satisfied with the work he did. So, he decided to take a risk!

He invested all his time and money to improve his knowledge and specialize in digital marketing, a market he saw potential.
Thus, in 2016 Power UP appears, a company that came to provide more energy to your business and help you achieve your goals


Facilitate your business with: social media management and advertising, search engine optimization, content marketing, web design and specialized graphic design.


To be a reference in advertising and digital marketing, offering our customers a lasting relationship, focused on their growth and profitability.










An agency specialized in promoting increased sales and improving your market positioning.

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