Special Dates Campaigns

The commemorative dates that take place throughout the year are an excellent opportunity to boost sales, and this goes for all types of business, not just e-commerce.

You need to know and prepare for these occasions. Dates such as Black Friday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc. These are relevant dates for any business throughout the year.

Our goal is to help you sell more, taking assertive actions to make your company stand out. Through effective, personalized strategies.

What we offer you:

Business planning

Conquer more and more customers and increase sales in your store, whether physical or virtual.

Increase in Conversions

Landing Pages created with knowledge and features that increase your conversion rates.

Landing Pages

A layout created specifically for your campaign. We create from scratch according to the objective.

Competitive Project

Several techniques that have been proven to greatly improve conversion rates.

Campaign Report

Visual, easy-to-read reports on how your campaign has affected your business.

Quality Support

Our team is ready to serve you and answer all your questions about your campaigns.

An agency specialized in promoting increased sales and improving your market positioning.

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